Skunks like to get under your house from broken crawl space covers and foundations vents. Skunks are found in families or colonies but can also be found living alone. Usually a female will have a litter of 5 to 8 kits. They will stay together til the males eventually leave around maturity or in early winter. Mating season begins in December through March. However, no set behavioral standards can be applied when it comes to wildlife populations in Southern California, almost anything goes, such as year round breeding and birthing due to the mild California climate and abundance of food, water and shelter. This particular nuisance pest animal is attracted to people and urban dwellings. Scavenger is a name that describes them best as to their out of control numbers, poorly managed city and county animal control agencies, are also to blame as to the overpopulation problem, it's mainly a political and philosophical policy, but that's another subject, one that most people won't touch. The best deterrent is a dog, or a solid block wall. Obviously, make sure your screens and vents are covered and tight with metal fabric.